New federal-provincial-territorial board formed to harmonize construction codes across Canada

Today, governance changes were announced that impact the code development system in Canada. The Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC) is being dissolved, and the newly formed Canadian Board for Harmonized Construction Codes (CBHCC) is assuming responsibility for the development of Canada’s National Model Codes. Please refer to the CBHCC’s announcement for more information about the governance changes and the CBHCC’s mandate.

The CCBFC was created in 1991 and for more than 30 years, countless volunteers and technical experts have given their time and expertise to developing Canada’s National Model Codes. Their efforts have made buildings and homes safer, more accessible, more energy efficient, more resilient to climate change, and better positioned to mitigate risks to the health and safety of Canadians.

While the governance of the code development system is changing, I am confident that federal, provincial, and territorial collaboration will help lead to more harmonized codes across Canada, which will have tremendous benefits for code users, industry stakeholders, and Canadians.

Kevin Griffiths
Chair, Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes