The Executive Committee (EC) manages the business of the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC) between Commission meetings and undertakes specific tasks assigned to it by the CCBFC. Decisions of the EC are in force once made but are subject to ratification at the next Commission meeting. The EC addresses policy or coordination issues that may arise and responds to requests for review of procedural actions taken by committees of the CCBFC. The EC also functions as a standing committee to recommend proposed changes to Divisions A and C of the Codes.

The Chair of the CCBFC acts as the Chair of the EC. The EC meets at the call of the Chair and membership includes at least four voting CCBFC members. Meetings are held in camera, except those portions that pertain to changes to Divisions A and C of the Codes. The EC may hold joint meetings with the Provincial/Territorial Advisory Committee on Codes (PTPACC), as the need arises.