What is a technical change?

Technical changes modify the technical meaning of code provisions. They are the result of substantial technical review and analysis by the code development committees of the Canadian Board for Harmonized Construction Codes (CBHCC) and, if approved, will become part of the next edition of the National Model Codes.

What is a proposed change form?

A proposed change form is the document used by the committees of the CBHCC to indicate the nature of the proposed technical change, the wording proposed, the problem it addresses and how it does so, the cost/benefit and enforcement implications, and which code objectives are being met.

What is the approval/withdrawal process for proposed changes?

This public review addresses proposed changes to the 2020 National Model Codes. Once you have read the proposed changes, you may submit comments. Comments will be examined by the responsible code development committees. To view the possible list of outcomes based on comments received, see what happens to comments.