Access the National Model Codes and learn about the code development process. Canada’s National Model Codes are developed by the volunteers at the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC). The CCBFC works to keep homes and buildings in Canada safe, accessible, and energy efficient.

Participate in the process

Volunteers from across the country have already started working on the 2025 National Model Codes – you can get involved by submitting a code change request, participating in annual public reviews, attending a meeting, or volunteering with a committee. To learn more, visit the following links:

Request a change to a code

The CCBFC welcomes the input of all Canadians. Learn how code change requests work and access the forms you need to submit a request.

Public reviews

Public reviews give every Canadian a chance to take a close-up look at proposed building codes changes and provide input. Learn about public reviews and access summaries from past reviews. Public reviews are scheduled throughout the code cycle and take place up to three times per year. Reviews for the 2025 code cycle will begin in October 2022.

Attend a code development meeting

Find out when the CCBFC and its committees meet and learn how to participate.

Volunteer for committee membership

Become a CCBFC or standing committee member and participate in the code development process.