The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) is responsible for publishing the National Model Codes. It also provides the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC) and its standing committees with administrative and technical support, as well as science-based knowledge through its research work.

Administrative and technical support

As part of the NRC’s Construction Research Centre, the Codes Canada team includes technical advisors (mainly architects and engineers), who provide technical and administrative support to the CCBFC’s committees and task groups. They are appointed as non-voting members to the standing committees.

Their role includes receiving, reviewing and evaluating code change requests and advising the appropriate committees on their implications. They often prepare technical studies or committee papers that provide additional information and background data to the committees to help inform decision-making. They facilitate access to research resources and coordinate with members of various standards development committees. Technical advisors also help regulatory officials and other code users understand the scope and intent of code requirements. The final interpretation of the codes, however, rests with the provinces, territories or local authorities having jurisdiction.


The NRC’s Codes Canada team is responsible for publishing the National Model Codes, in both official languages. Access to the National Model Codes is available on the National Research Council of Canada’s Codes publications webpage.


When the CCBFC’s committees need more information to make informed decisions, research studies are performed to provide the missing data. These studies are not only performed by the NRC researchers as well as by provinces, manufacturing groups and various consortia having similar interests. Research results may be presented directly to the standing committees or task groups, or included in code change requests that are considered by the committees.