The Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC) oversees the work of 9 standing committees whose members apply their experience in the following technical areas:

Each CCBFC standing committee is responsible for a Code or sections of a Code and related documents, such as user’s guides, and advises the CCBFC on technical issues and recommended changes.

Members are appointed by the CCBFC Chair on the recommendation of the CCBFC Nomination Committee. The membership of each standing committee conforms to a matrix that provides for regulatory, industry, and general interest categories as well as equitable geographical representation.

Meetings are normally held twice annually in the spring and fall, unless otherwise authorized. Annual work plans balancing the number of requests and priorities against time constraints, capacities and resources are prepared by each standing committee in the fall for approval by the CCBFC.

Non-members are welcome to observe committee meetings or address the committees on specific agenda items. View meetings dates and guidelines for visitors.

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