The Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC) has nine standing committees. In addition to these, the CCBFC approves the creation of short-term task groups, working groups, or advisory groups. These groups study specific issues and make recommendations either to the CCBFC or to the applicable standing committee.

Current committees and task groups include:

  1. Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC)
  2. CCBFC Executive Committee – Division A/C
  3. CCBFC Task Group on Priorities
  4. CCBFC Technical Translation Verification Committee (TTVC)
  5. Standing Committee on Earthquake Design (ED)
  6. Standing Committee on Energy Efficiency (EE)
  7. Standing Committee on Environmental Separation (ES)
  8. Standing Committee on Fire Protection (FP)
  9. Standing Committee on HVAC and Plumbing (HP)
  10. Standing Committee on Hazardous Materials and Activities (HMA)
  11. Standing Committee on Housing and Small Buildings (HSB)
  12. Standing Committee on Structural Design (SD)
  13. Standing Committee on Use and Egress (UE)
  14. Joint CCBFC/PTPACCTask Group on Alterations to Existing Buildings
  15. Joint CCBFC/PTPACC Task Group on Impact Analysis (Phase 3)
  16. Joint Task Group on Fire Performance of Floor Assemblies in Houses (HSB/FP/UE)
  17. Joint Task Group on Lateral Loads (HSB/ED)
  18. Joint Task Group on Accessibility (HSB/UE)
  19. Joint Task Group on Climatic Loads (ES/HSB/SD)
  20. Joint Task Group on Potential Consequences of High Performance Homes (EE/HSB)
  21. Joint Task Group on Menstrual Product Dispensers in Washrooms (HSB/UE)
  22. Task Group on Commentaries J and L (ED)
  23. Task Group on Structural User’s Guide (SD)
  24. Task Group on Live Load Due to Use and Occupancy (SD)
  25. Task Group on Radon and Soil Gas Mitigation (HSB)
  26. Task Group on RdRo Factors and Seismic Force Resisting Systems (ED)
  27. Task Group on Seismicity and Site Amplification (ED)
  28. Task Group on User’s Guides—NECB and Section 9.36. of the NBC  (EE)
  29. Task Group on Part 9 Illustrated Guide (HSB)
  30. Task Group on AEB—NECB Phase I—Lighting and Mechanical (EE)
  31. Task Group on Energy Use and Envelope Metrics (EE)
  32. Task Group on AEB—NBC Section 9.36. (EE)
  33. Task Group on Tier 5 Prescriptive Path—NBC Section 9.36.—Building Envelope (EE)
  34. Task Group on Tier 5 Prescriptive Path—NBC Section 9.36.—Mechanical (EE)
  35. Task Group on Thermal Bridging (EE)
  36. Task Group on AEB—HSB (HSB)
  37. Task Group on Reference to CSA B139 Standard (HMA)
  38. Task Group on AEB—ES (ES)
  39. Task Group on Accessible Manual Stations (UE)
  40. Task Group on Review of NSB/ANSI 61 Standard (HP)
  41. Task Group on Wind Resistance of Modular Vegetated Roof Assemblies (ES)
  42. Task Group on Installation of Plumbing Systems (HP)

List of acronyms

AEB – Alterations to existing buildings

NBC – National Building Code of Canada

NECB – National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings