Proposed Changes by Code Provision—National Building Code 2020

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List of Supporting Documents

National Building Code 2020 (Proposed changes to 32 provisions)

Division B

(Proposed changes to 32 provisions)

Part 1 - General

(Proposed changes to 1 provision) Climatic and Seismic Values

Part 2 - Farm Buildings

(Proposed changes to 1 provision) Fire Blocks

Part 3 - Fire Protection, Occupant Safety and Accessibility

(Proposed changes to 12 provisions) Protection of Foamed Plastics Exterior Cladding
3.1.5. Noncombustible Construction Foamed Plastic Insulation Installation of Smoke Dampers Streets Group C, up to 12 storeys, Sprinklered Group D, up to 12 storeys, Sprinklered Limiting Distance and Area of Unprotected Openings Access Route Design Universal Washrooms Showers

Part 5 - Environmental Separation

(Proposed changes to 3 provisions) Compliance with Applicable Standards

Part 9 - Housing and Small Buildings

(Proposed changes to 14 provisions) General
9.4.2. Specified Loads
9.20.1. Application Limitations Standards for Nails and Screws Nailing of Framing Fasteners for Sheathing or Subflooring Anchorage of Building Frames Joints in Top Plates
9.23.13. Bracing to Resist Lateral Loads Due to Wind and Earthquake Required Roof Sheathing Lumber Roof Sheathing Equipment and Installation Structural Movement

Appendix C

(Proposed changes to 1 provision)
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